HP Loadrunner Tools and Its Magnificent Features

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    Loadrunner is a performance testing tool created by Mercury and acquired by Hewlett Packard (HP). Loadrunner would be the only tool that is certified to operate on different ERP and CRM applications. This tool has occupied 70 % in the market share when comparing other tools. Loadrunner would be the costliest unit and it truly is licensed depending on Vusers (Virtual Users).


    The actual type of the Loadrunner is 11.52. It supports traveler, mozilla firefox and Google chrome and possesses improved integration with Shunra Network Virtualisation. It includes Mobile Device Emulator to record expert. It's IPV6 support therefore it may be attached to Windows and Linux os.

    How Loadrunner Works:

    Loadrunner simulates numerous Vusers (Virtual Users) to make use of strain on the application. It monitors the performance in the application through the load and identifies the transactions that take more response time. It also monitors system behaviour regarding CPU and memory through the load. It also takes different data from the servers through the load and plots the graph. Loadrunner could be integrated with diverse style of monitoring tools like HP Sitescope, HP Diagnostics and Linux servers along with the application could be monitored at code level with your monitoring tools.

    Through the use of Loadrunner we can easily do mainly four sorts of testing.

    1. Load Testing
    2. Stress Testing
    3. Enurance Testing
    4. Volume Testing

    Loadrunner Supported Protocols:

    Loadrunner supports different style of protocols like HTTP/HTML, Java, Java Over HTTP, Flex etc.

    Loadrunner Language:

    Loadrunner supports six languages C, C#, Java, Java Script, VB and VB.NETC. The most accepted language for loadrunner is C. Java is usually used based on the protocol used. Loadrunner has its own functions called loadrunner functions or LR functions. In Loadrunner, different protocols use their own personal functions for instance html/http protocol uses web functions.

    HP Loadrunner versus HP Performance Center

    HP Performance Center is another performance testing software created by HP. HP Performance Center is created on HP Loadrunner that has many features that aren't present in HP Loadrunner.

    HP Performance Center is a web based tool. This tool works extremely well by different teams and projects. Performance Center works extremely well by a lot of projects when loadrunner works extremely well by just one project along with the coordination is less to teams with all the HP Loadrunner. Performance Center could be integrated with diverse monitoring tools like HP sitescope, HP BSM, HP BAC.
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