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    In this posting we shall investigate test automation with Quick Test Pro. We're going to also list a number of sources so you can get you began with QTP, like video tutorials, tutorials and code samples.


    Lately testing has developed into a extremely important part of any software development. We have to test immediately throughout the development strategy to find the bugs at the beginning of the lifecycle. This would lower immediately software creation and maintenance.

    Testing activities is normally very time-consuming and expensive. Often testing precisely the same functionality repeatedly gets boring for manual testers plus they quickly lose their focus. The potential for letting a error slip through therefore increases.

    That may be where test automation is available in place. When you create good automation insurance policy for testing you save commitment for manual testers. Now can be used for other testing activities. You'll also improve the entire testing process.

    There are numerous tools in existence that will help you automate the testing. Probably the most powerful ones is QTP - Quick Test Professional. This is a software put together by Mercury, an HP company. When you join at the HP site you'll be able to download a complimentary One month trial version to research the program.

    QTP supports functional and non-functional testing of desktop and web applications. It could be quickly integrated with HP Quality Center for automatic reporting of defects and marking test results.

    QTP supports keyword driven testing that permits also those that have no scripting knowledge to produce powerful test cases. Another choice the best way to produce test cases in QTP is by writing VBScript code. This is a more advanced technique. Whichever of these two you decide to use you can actually test nearly any application.

    To the start Provides you with to endure the QTP Tutorial and study all of the basics of QTP. Aches and pains ? this software laid out, precisely what the different toolbars are suitable for and how to use all of the functions. In the majority of with the cases make sure you start practicing immediately by developing simple test cases.

    QTP includes a credit application which can be used to use the initial scripts. It's really a program for booking flights online. I also suggest checking out the video tutorial section from QTP Tutorial site. It has plenty of helpful video lessons that helps you to definitely begin.

    If used the appropriate way QTP may save lots of time and cash as part of your organization so give it a shot, study the results, optimize and improve. I am sure every development project will get an excellent use because of this tool.
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