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Win allnew shark outfits on Treasure Hunter &ndash ferocious fishingboosting gear that&s sure to make a splash!More cheap rs goldare FUT Coins provided by RSHOTFrom UTC on th March until UTC on th March these musclebound marine monstrosities will be up for grabsThe five piece outfit can be won in three colours &ndash regular tiger and burnt and wearing a full set grants bonuses to Fishing training catching chance stacks with the Call of the Sea auraEats any fish you catch can be toggled &ndash all the XP with no dropping or bank running.

If you own the fishing outfit the shark outfit will impart its bonuses as wellbine the pieces of the three outfits to make the fury shark outfit This has all of the benefits of the other shark outfits and:An increased catching chance bonus+% in total% chance to catch an extra fishChance to save bait while fishingCreatures in the Living Rock Caverns will bee nonaggressive towards you.

Can be switched between any of the shark outfit coloursFor the first three days one of the outfits will available on Treasure Hunter On the last two days you&ll be able to win any of the three outfitsNote that times run from UTC to UTC on each given dayth MarchShark Outfitth MarchTiger shark Outfitth MarchBurnt shark Outfitth &amp th MarchAll Three OutfitsRSHOT hope you enjoy the fishing bonuses that these awesome outfits offerBesidesWorking for RSHOT is still ongoingStill dont know how to work for RSHOT?Pay attention to RSHOT Official FacebookThe RSHOT TeamRSHOT:Revenant Hunting Guide in RuneScape rshot.

If you are a Runescape playeryou must be very interested in Revenant huntingThis passage will help you to learn somethingRevenant hunting is Buy FIFA Coins the most dangerous freetoplay activity other than pvp in Runescape It was put in the game when Jagex removed player killing in the wilderness to keep it a dangerous place.

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