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This post will explain why I feel you should place your vote on this update.1. Main Reason why you should voteOverall, construction is buy poe currency extremely outdated content. Many players used their Player Owned House to organise parties and other facilities. While nowadays the only facility being used is the prayer altar, the rest of it is just dead. I believe these are the main reasons:- Graphics: Let rsquo;s be frank, the graphics are just not of this time anymore.

It is off-putting to say the least. Not only that, but most player interacting animations such as sitting on a chair or looking at a chart are only but a few frames.- Facilities: The only facility mainly being used is the altar to offer bones to for prayer xp. The rest is barely used. Portals, while looking cool, are overshadowed with lodestones. Dungeons are laughable, and the games room is just dull.- House Building: This one is also one of the worst.

The current way of building rooms is too stale and barely allows for customisation and planning. There needs to be a completely new way to build our rooms. Perhaps decide where the doors will be, or more flexibility in where the hotspots should stand!2. Some POH IdeasBesides reworked graphics, I rsquo;ve come up with some other ideas that could be possible in this rework. Any ideas suggested in this thread will also be added, with credits to the person who suggested it.2.1.

New materialsWood, nails, limestone, etc. are our main materials. Perhaps these could be included:- Ectotokens: Exchange these for materials to poe trade build your own ghostly furniture and redecorate your house to a ghost house!- Trading sticks: Exchange these to get bamboo, to build bamboo furniture and redecorate your house to something more tropical.- Tokkul: exchange these to get obsidian building materials.

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