Many FIFA committees in FIFA Coins

FIFA has said it will prevent any voter from using a mobile phone or camera to photograph their completed ballot paper.Champagne and Prince Ali claim voters are pressured to give visual proof of who they supported.___4 p.m.UEFA says revenue rose 21 percent to 2.099 billion euros ($2.3 billion) in 2014-15.It is the first time UEFA has generated more than 2 billion euros in a year without a European Championship. UEFA's continuing financial status comes as its general secretary, Gianni Infantino, campaigns to be elected FIFA president on

More than 80 percent of UEFA's revenue comes from FIFA Coins broadcasters, who paid 1.69 billion euros to screen matches, including the Champions League and Euro 2016 qualifiers.UEFA has cash reserves of 530.7 million euros.UEFA says "the weak euro against the positive dollar has a positive impact."___3:40 p.m.

Many FIFA committees in recent years were a waste of time, says a member of the reform advisory group which wants 17 of them abolished on Friday.Canadian official Victor Montagliani made the comment at a news conference when questioned about Sheikh Salman's earlier attempt to woo CONCACAF voters ahead of Friday's election.

The sheikh promised officials from 35 voting federations he would find ways to avoid cutting the number of committee places each has to attend expenses-paid meetings in Zurich.The pledge to maintain voters' privileges and help educate them in soccer leadership seemed to endorse the kind of patronage FIFA was criticized for during Sepp Blatter's presidency.