A FIFA Review Committee will FIFA Coins

The new FIFA Council, elected by member associations, will be responsible for setting FIFA's overall strategic direction.* The new General Secretariat, intended to be staffed by professionals and FIFA Coins akin to a corporate executive board, will handle the operational and commercial management of that strategy.TRANSPARENCY* The new president will head the Council in a more ambassadorial role, albeit with non-executive powers.* The president's salary and that of all senior FIFA officers will be made public.

A FIFA Review Committee will conduct enhanced integrity checks on all candidates before they are allowed to stand for election to the Council.* The Finance, Development and Governance Committees reporting to the Council will have a minimum number of independent members from outside soccer.

All decisions taken by the Council, the General Secretariat and the Finance, Development and Governance Committees must be audited and approved by the fully independent Audit and Compliance Committee.TERM LIMITS* No senior elected official will be allowed to serve more than three terms of four years.

Blatter was president for more than 17 years, while his predecessor Joao Havelange was president for 24 years and, once in office, was never opposed in another election.* The term limits also apply to all members of the FIFA Council, the Audit and Compliance Committee and FIFA's judicial bodies.