Players may download MapleStory M

Players may download MapleStory M from Jan. 22 to Jan. 30 on the Google Play platform to take part in the first beta test. This game will probably be available except China, Korea maplestory2 mesos and Japan. Beta players is going to be the first to research Maple World with five exceptional characters, team up with friends to explore mysterious caves and explore other cool features of MapleStory M..

In MapleStory M, players will have the ability to:return to Maple World: Gamers can experience all the characters and monsters anytime on their mobile device. Get rid of items in the daily task system. Players can trigger characters with jewelery found from the daily mission. Jewelry that is different will look each

Look for"boss" Mu Lung Dojo. This challenge requires the player to try to destroy the monsters along the way. At the final challenge, they will face the"last boss" Mu Gong.Discover Nett's Deadly Pyramid: This is a challenge which can bring decent luck to the player, but it is also a fatal challenge. She has to fight mummies and other monsters to discover the mysterious treasure.Arena: Players can enter a battle with up to 10 other buddies to fight against Zakum, where players can get the most rewarding rewards.

Released in Korea at October 2016, MapleStory M quickly became the number one game on the App Store and Google Play from the nation. First week Nexon America will be the publisher of MapleStory M on the Android and iOS platforms.