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No you are able to have predicted the server’s closure. Paul, a 30-year-old webmaster in Wisconsin, started playing RuneScape in 2003, but didn’t start streaming until 2016. That’s over a decade of playing the classic MMORPG — building friends, learning the overall game and, most significantly, observing those involved with the RS Mobile Gold action through Jagex. Paul, who streams under the name Beast Fable, told Polygon he was “shocked and sad” when Jagex made the announcement a week ago, although he began prepping for that inevitable not long ago.

“We all figured sooner or later that RSC [RuneScape Classic] would power down one day as a result of bugs and server maintenance (the JMods made this specific several times), but I don’t think a lot of us expected Jagex to formally close it,” Paul said. “I began thinking what precisely to target and do with so little time left, and I’m style of still for the reason that state of mind.”At https://www.mmoah.com/runescape

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