Enjoy the Maplestory Exclusive Party with the new Aran Hero

Have fun with the Maplestory Exclusive Party at the water park Mall Bangkapi. This party. Held for the dedicated fan club. To experience the legendary Aran before anyone. This new career will be updated on March 17th, coming with MapleStory 2 Mesos a cool refreshing ice, Maple Ice Bla Bla, and play a game of conquering Aran. Win the maple model cute Korean style. Amidst a friendly atmosphere and laughter between the staff and the attendees.

This is a project from Patcharapol Sae Ung. Thanks to the Maple Leafs for supporting and keeping track of the Maple Leaf game. Aran's new character, a new class of Warrior career to take friends. Join Rien in the cold snow city.At https://www.mmoah.com/maplestory-2