Runescape Pest Control and Open Weekend 2

    By Bale

    The Imperial district is located from the western division of Menaphos, accessed by stairs for the western side with the main plaza. Its Faction leader is Commander Akhomet (Imperial). It features: 1. Commander Akhomet (Imperial) in the bottom on the stairs for the Golden Palace. 2. Twelve Acadia trees, eight inside the main courtyard and four from the VIP skilling area on the north. 3. The VIP skilling area, unlockable at Tier 7 Menaphos reputation. 4. It contains four Acadia trees, three concentrated sandstone rocks, three fishing spots (for Desert sole, Catfish, Beltfish), as well as a Bank chest. 5. Entrance towards the Golden Palace throne room with The RuneScape Gold Pharaoh, Ambassador Jabari, along with other NPCs. 6. Entrance to your Grand Library (Menaphos), with Kohnen the librarian plus the sundial for your Golden Path Challenge. 7. A Bank deposit box unlocked at Tier 2 Imperial reputation and also a Bank chest unlocked at Tier 6. 8. An entrance to Shifting Tombs within the southern side from the district. 9. Residential terraces for the southwest on the Golden Palace, with ranges, the Imperial district musician, and other NPCs.

    Since Open Weekend doesn't truly cause you to a member. It simply lifts the restrictions that hold you back playing on members' worlds and allows use of members-only in-game content. You will not be capable to access members-only features for example changing your character name. At