Season a couple of Path of Exile's race events announced

    By Bale

    Path of Exile, the free-to-play ARPG that you ought to really be playing recently announced its second season of events called "races." These events are, you may expect, a race between players to Buy POE Currency find out who can have the furthest, both in levels and story, the easiest. Earning certain milestones, like reaching a particular level or becoming the first to enter a location, earns players points which may be cashed in for unique loot and bragging rights.

    I taken part in about four races inside the first season, earning an astonishing total of zero points. I couldn't even achieve the lowest level milestone to earn a measly point! Even if I had earned a number of points, the threshold to create the first item was excessive for chumps at all like me. This continues to be addressed, as now the primary prize only takes seven points. That's seven over I have ever earned, but seeing it is definitely motivated me to attempt harder.

    Grinding Gear Games has added more races to help in more time zones also, and you will check out your schedule, complete together with the prize list, here.At