Path of Exile: Betrayal Hits Nearly 189,000 Peak Concurrent Players At Launch 3

    By Bale

    The team isn’t done as of this time, eventhough it will possess a smaller team ignoring the title throughout the holidays. “Over next week, we’ll prioritize post-launch issues while they come in, alongside enhancing 3.6.0 which are going to be released in March,” Wilson said. “In New Zealand it’s common for people to look at a weeks of Path of Exile Currency summer holiday around Christmas/New Year, so we’ll be building a skeleton crew for that end of December and early January.”

    Wilson also thanked the team for their efforts, especially in the time frame within which Betrayal was made. He said: “To the rest from the Grinding Gear Games team: Thank you to your hard work in the last few weeks.

    Betrayal was obviously a massive expansion to generate in such a short timeframe. Your awareness of detail and dedication to quality really show within the final product. It’s an honour dealing with you.”At