Path of Exile: Synthesis Lets You 'Snap Together' a Custom Dungeon & More

    By Bale

    The next league arriving at Path of Exile is known as "Synthesis" this is bringing a distinctive twist into a game that's full of unique twists. Synthesis, among other activities, allows players to literally create their particular "snap together" dungeons with the POE Currency experience (and loot) how they want most. We chatted with Chris Wilson to find out more.

    If we look within the definition of "synthesis", find that its meaning means "the composition or mix of parts or elements so that you can form a whole" (Merriam-Webster). As the definition plus the name in the next Path of Exile league implies, players are going to be setting off over a multi-layered journey to set things together to produce whole other items.

    Players will see a mysterious new character named Cavas (the Latin word for "hollow") who is very much missing the majority of his memories, hence the name. It is as much as the player to search the game world -- literally everything -- to locate and recover memory fragments and help stabilize them so that you can help Cavas find himself again.At