appropriate for WoW Classic to be prosperous

    By Rskingdom

    Glad blizz is listening. But I hope for wow classic gold kingdom BG as possible for timeless, until that's occurred won't be playing them. I recall the nightmare. Near impossible to enter them and getting killed over and over again by people who understand who their easy targets are since horrible class balance.Guys I'm wondering about the world supervisors. Who is going to benefit from them? I believe that only the high degree guild would. Imagine the whole server. The 3-4 items can be looted by only one set. The world first race is going to be done no Matter. I am sure that most of the individuals are currently gon na play to hurry the material. We have the manuals and I know them by heart. But I am not keen to become hardcore. Individuals AFKing in IF scrutinizing others:-RRB- and silver will still be requesting gold

    Hey guys, I havent seen much of the Classicasts that is older but I actually like this format. I have a question concerning the servers that they will do for classic: Have you speculated and ever talked about it about the older Classicasts? Is it possible to tell me in which ? And also: What are the ideas on this? They have to do the number of servers appropriate for WoW Classic to be prosperous, because I believe. And they can do regional servers which means splitting the US and European playerbase. Obv it makes sense cause the US men would love to play a proper ping (unlike on most private servers which are located in the EU) but all these things make me wonder what they have in store for us server shrewd. Will there be speech based servers such as german ones, french ones etc. cause this will divide the neighborhood much more.

    All this talk of ranking system and PVP rewards in the BWL timeline, y’are forgetting that the position system was outside for a long time, but the initial gear was pretty crap for the top rankings. I remember farming to rank 11 just for the mounts and then quitting because of that, then a month or 2 later the patch dropped with the GOOD equipment at top ranks, after which I was miserable because I had dropped down to position 6 again.I would like them to put all BGs in by the beginning and simply not having the rep or honor strategy till later. I dont believe holding the content back just for the sake of cheap wow classic gold staggering it with raids makes sense. Should you take the honour system, rep and really only the equipment out of it, then balancing isnt a problem and its only more material in timeless from the beginning.

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