strategy wants a massive rework for the WoW Classic release.

I played since 2004, anybody who played with wow classic gold vanilla remenbers that molten core gear was much superior than pvp equipment. This has to be sorted, so individuals should not feel they need to PVE to have the ability to compete. Lobotomizer AV dagger reward (I played with rogue) was FAR worst than anything else in molten core. What's the choice for you as a pvp rogue if you're not willing to do PVE? After rogues have targeted and are doing tier2/tier3 raids you will fall behind regardless of your abilities in PVP. Fact of the matter is unless you're eager to raid you are going to wind up falling behind. And trust me molten core is going to be rid rather fast.

Dude which ′s not changing anything, that is sorting out a inbalance generated between pve and pvp, either or rework the pvp rewards so people arent pressured into a PVE path. There is zero reason to earn players cases just to get targeted for pvp. Blizzard understand that itemization for PVP was unfair late-game vanilla and it ought to be adressed so individuals really can appreciate the vanilla game any way they choose to. I shouldnt be in a huge disadvantage simply because I dont want to clear all that material (again). Already did that once and I′m going into vanilla WoW Classic again to attempt to prevent the grind that seems WoW Classic now. Even if I opt to grind, there should be two clear avenues (pvp/pve) The grand-marshal gear was another flawed system. It rewarded premade groups that played with 24x7 (literaly). I attained Field Marshal and gave up on Grand Marshal. And I was encouraged to premades however that strategy wants a massive rework for the WoW Classic release.

Retail has grinds? So you know in retail the ideal way to equipment is Mythic raiding and M+ correct? Unless u have at least a 1800 raiting, gearing through pvp is not viable. So you want when the issue cant be addressed in retail them to address/change vanilla? Grinds are a part of WoW Classic (sadly) but unjust benefits dont have to gold in wow classic be. Wether you choose to go PVE or PVP your gear ought to be comparable quality. Whats the point in Blizzard if everything you need making WoW Classic is a more balanced version of this match that is Retail?