This week's Rocket League tournament will lay the foundation for the World Championships

The large Rocket League tournament in Dallas this weekend will have a $100,000 prize pool that will provide the last chance for some of the biggest teams before the next World Championship.

Now in the seventh season, the Rocket League champion series is divided into four continents. The winners of the largest divisions, NRG Esports in North America and Renault in Europe, struggled with their group in the game that started earlier today, And Vitality has broken into the finals in a shocking defeat. In fact, it Is as necessary and efficient as the player needs Rocket League Items in the game.

Mousesports ranked first in the European division with a score of 1 win and 6 losses. In the semi-finals of Group A, Vitality was defeated by 3 to 2, defeating the original European champion team. Although Vitality is finally eligible to win a single elimination game later in the day, the results show that even the top teams in the game are not invincible. For its part, NRG Esports patrolled through its group stage, and runners-up in North America and Europe will be born tonight, with candidates for Cloud 9 and FC Barcelona.

After a full day of competition, the play-off will begin at 12:00 on Sunday. You can watch all the matches on the official live channel. Of course, for winning the game, players can succeed through technology, Rocket League Crates and Rocket League Keys.

DreamHack Dallas will participate in other major tournaments this weekend, including Counter-Strike: Global Offense, Classic Halo and a variety of fighting games such as Mortal Kombat 11 and Smash Bros. Ultimate. You can find a list of streams and matching times for all of these lists on the official website. At