In addition to Roleplay and Love issues

Really good question. In addition to Roleplay and Love issues, married Dofus players access the"Spouse" interface. It allows to easily invite his companion or his companion in his group and the stal... follow along with his travels.But over all, it permits to teleport for free between you. It is a gift acquired by the mysterious bonds of union, do not search for logic at a Dofus game! Marriage is, as you may expect, quite common among Dofus players.

You will need 2 components for a wedding: Two Dofus players, no matter the gender and two alliances. No need for bridal hats or blossoms. You maintain the Wedding Rings following the weddingday. These are recovered near Azra Lazarus in Resort of Sale or at [ 0,2 ]. Be sure to choose the option! To seal your destinies, visit the church of Amakna, in [6.3] and speak into the Priest. Ask him to combine you and proceed to the ceremony, accompanied by your pals and guildeux, or not.Place then you on the boxes at front of them. If your marriage is gay, the placement isn't too important. Return to the priest and at a collection of clicks, you're saddled with a terrible curse that will not vanish before you perish, or almost.

Thanks to this upgrade made by Henry VIII, it is now possible to separate out of his companion! There are two options: Wait until your loved one never reconnects. The divorce is spent a few months of absence at stake. Return to find the priest and give him 50,000 Dofus Kamas for your charges. The divorce has no requirements or problems that are exceptional. It is thus possible to make a breach of contract after getting married just a couple of seconds. However, who would be so despicable to violate a heart that is terribly? No, having a character is no explanation!

The end of September is approaching and the 2.53 update still requires some time to materialize. Ankama has revealed forthcoming changes on Xelors, Ecaflips, Iops, Sacrieurs and Cras to make us wait! And it can be tested by you all tomorrow in Beta! The release of Dofus Update 2.52 is getting further and further away and it is time to learn what Ankama has for another patch: 2.53. Few details have been shown, but sufficient to place the mouth water!

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