There's a lot going on at the backend to get OSRS gold

There's a lot going on at the backend to get OSRS gold that will improve features without altering the basic feel of runescape, but it's slow progress. OSRS has no full time Engine development roll, they have to spend some time from RS3's programmers and just so much time can enter new features instead of maintenance purposes. RS in general will be hampered by the fact that there is probably more Presidents than people who really understand the fundamentals of the motor.

A few games are disabled (Battle for Meridell, Keyquest, Habitarium) and Hannah and the Pirate Caves is about impossible to play on modern browsers, but what else remains available

The whole old staff has left, and because of runescape being a wreck of PHP code constructed on amateur development in addition to heaps amd heaps of flash content, it is a real pain to do any kind of development work. There are a few of recurring events such as Altador Cup and Advent Calendar, there is reeeaaally reluctant movement towards mobile with a candy crush clone and scrabble match, and last year they had a genuine plot which was executed about as poorly as may be.

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