Less than a month away from the launch

Less than a month away from the launch of the most recent instalment of NBA2K, and there's already plenty of data being fed into what's a demanding community from developers. While info might already be out there and shots demonstrated in all their glory, little was shown in the way of a few of the game modes, MyTeam. This year's version of 2K saw the MyTeam mode get a slew of welcome attributes, with a plethora of packs and the likes of Domination extended and cards added frequently over the year to maintain fan interest.

Players could also heat up on courtroom thanks to the addition of Takeover, essentially a boost to players that at times made them unguardable. MyTeam is the perfect game style for the more casual NBA fan, letting you build that fantasy line-up you may have ever dreamed of or just read some history on, and with such a vibrant and thriving community devoted solely to MyTeam from the world of 2K, the game is under pressure to fulfill the masses in 2020.

It is absolutely infuriating to come up against, but these gamers who rock a complete neon pink courtroom with matching ball and court have to get stopped. While the 2K community is all for MyTeam and creativity is, needless to say, a style which lends itself to doing pretty much whatever you like. This has to end. There's just no fun in coming up against a rival who's completely used to their layouts, only for your own eyes to be blown away and completely confused by what's happening.

Too many times over the course of 2K19 were lost or walked away from gamers becoming tired and sick of not being able to find out what is happening. MyTeam permits you to collect plenty of routine courts from throughout history, so stick with those, or implement a regular colouring template for those desperate to produce their own hardwood.This is something that has been a frustration for 2K gamers for quite a while and it would be a surprise when the developers got rid of these, but contracts need to go.

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